Private and Public Policy Reviews for the Disabled

About is a place where establishments are reviewed in terms of their friendliness to people with disabilities. We are looking for reviewers.

Being a reviewer involves being aware of disability-related concerns when you go wherever you go. Be willing to come here and write a review of various kinds of establishments, critiquing them on how good a job they do accommodating people with disabilities. Whether you have a disability yourself, provide support services to someone, or are just dedicated to making the world more accessible to everyone, you can give feedback to business, government facilities, and other establishments.

You also aid the cause by commenting on reviews already written. If you find inaccuracies, point them out. If you disagree, feel free to say so. Expand on what the author said.

Even if you don’t comment or write a review, visit here to see what’s been reviewed. You may find some ideas about things to do.

If you read a positive review, please thank the establishment for their commitment to striving to be more accessible and tell them you read the review at

If you are not confident, let us know what you experienced and we’ll write it for you. is a website of Inner Vessel Productions.