Private and Public Policy Reviews for the Disabled


For reviewers, please follow these guidelines when doing reviews of establishments.

  1. Respect confidentiality! If you are a provider of services, do not forget your obligation to keep client information confidential. If you post about an incident that involves the way a client was treated, it may be very difficult to describe the incident without identifying your client. Make sure that you have that client’s permission before posting any indentifying or medical information. Better yet, assist your client/customer to write the review.
  2. You are permitted to name the establishment and its location. Please understand that you are responsible for your own words. is a place to air your opinions regarding the disability-friendliness of the establishments you review. You will be liable for statements you make. It isn’t necessary to name the establishment. You may want to only name the parent organization and not give a location. If you do decide to name them and give a location and the review is negative, check back once in awhile to see if they have resolved the problem. Make sure to give them credit for improvements they make.
  3. Always make a positive statement. If you notice a problem, find something the same establishment does well and give credit or that too.
  4. Word your post like a review, not like a grievance or a grudge.
  5. Give suggestions on correcting problems.
  6. Lighten up. If your goal is to provoke an establishment, you’ll probably accomplish it. Instead, make it your goal to inform the public and give the establishment some responsible feedback.
  7. Look for establishments that are really doing things right. Feel free to do reviews that are glowing reports. Avoid doing reviews that are only critical.
  8. Photographs are welcome. Before you upload them, shrink them down to under 400 pixels wide.
  9. Be tasteful. It will often be useful to review toilet facilities, since this is a major point of accommodation for disabled people. Be sensitive to how you describe toilet facilities and functions. Don’t take this guideline to mean that you can’t talk about the necessary details. Just be careful of the language you use.
  10. Where possible, refer to any relevant text from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Link to the relevant page.
  11. A criticism does not have to be a violation of the ADA. It could just be common sense. Sometimes a facility may be in complete compliance with ADA guidelines but still be problematic for some disabilities. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion.
  12. At some point in your review, state that the review is your opinion.
  13. Feel free to call the management of the facility and refer them to your review.
  14. If you discover that your concerns have been addressed at some future date, return to your post, edit it, and state what was done. Then, write a new post congratulating the establishment on their efforts.
  15. Make use of the spell checker here.
  16. This site is fair game for a review.

Posts that do not conform to these guidelines is subject to deletion or correction by the site administrators.