Private and Public Policy Reviews for the Disabled


By Stephen Rex Goode, BSW

Welcome to Are you disabled in some way or do you provide some kind of support services to someone who is?

I am both. I am disabled. I suffer from arthritis and problems with ambulation related to diabetes. I also provide support services to developmentally delayed adults.

In my personal life and in my work, I have often found that despite the Americans with Disabilities Act, many businesses and institutions are very difficult for disabled people to navigate. Some make a better effort than others and my intention with this site is to call attention to how they are doing.

In that spirit, I think it is of more value to reward those that do well than to criticize those that don’t. Yet, I still think that if an establishment of some kind is not doing its duty to disabled patrons, it needs to be pointed out.

I will be opening this blog up to people who are willing to make such assessments and doing them in professional and helpful ways. I will hope that most reviews done will be mixed–some accolades, some criticisms, all helpful.

If you are disabled or provide support services, sign up and post a comment or two. If I see that your comments are generally done in a professional and unbiased manner, I’ll invite you to take on more authority for posting.



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