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Greyhound’s Exorbitant Gift Fee

By Stephen Rex Goode, BSW

This is a letter I wrote to Greyhound protesting an exorbitant guest fee when you purchase a ticket online for a customer.


August 25, 2008


Stephen Rex Goode

18641 S.E. Clinton St.

Gresham, OR    97030


Greyhound Lines, Inc.

PO Box 660362

Dallas, TX   75622-0362


Dear Greyhound,


I am a social worker in Portland, Oregon, working with developmentally disabled clients to help them learn how to live independently. Many of my clients have difficulties with cognition and decision-making.


A customer of mine recently found himself stranded in Salem, Oregon after being taken advantage of by some locals. I agreed to buy him a ticket on-line to be paid back by his social security funds after the first of them month. I was shocked when I went to purchase the ticket that you add an $18 fee when buying a ticket for someone else. For a fare of $11.50, an $18 gift fee seems almost punitive.


Before completing the transaction, I called the phone number listed for assistance for customers with disabilities. The agent listened to my story and reiterated the $18 fee and said she was not able to waive it.


As a social worker and advocate for people with disabilities, I protest this unfair fee that you add for “gifts” without making any provision for special circumstances. Even without the special circumstances, I think that $18 is exorbitant for $11.50 fares.


Please reconsider this policy for the sake of people with disabilities.






Stephen Rex Goode




Cc: DisabilityReviews.Org


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