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PDX Gatherings

A New Forum

By Stephen Rex Goode, BSW

Announcing PDX Gatherings

PDX Gatherings is a forum and tool for arranging get-togethers of any size for customers with developmental disabilities, colleagues, and other interested parties living in the Portland Oregon area.

You can announce events you’ve already planned, or begin a discussion about planning something you’d like to do.

The best place to start is the to take the “tour” of the web site here. Once you register, you can request to join the forum. Once your request is granted, you can start posting about events.

To post an event or even just an idea for an event, just click on PDX Gatherings in the list of forums. Fill out a description of the event or idea in the main box and give as many details as you can in the forum underneath the main box. Publish it by clicking “Submit” and you’re done.

You can reply to events others have posted and try to make arrangements there.

You can also just talk about issues related to getting together. Give it a try.

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