Private and Public Policy Reviews for the Disabled

The Oregon Zoo Revisited

A few years ago, I reviewed the Oregon Zoo. Many things have changed since then, so I offer an update. Introduction The Oregon Zoo is in Portland, Oregon in the hills over downtown in beautiful Washington Park. Washington Park is 130 acres of beautiful trees, valleys, streams, gardens, arboretums, and paths located withing walking distance […]

Systemic Discrimination

The Problems Oregon, a state that prides itself on its generosity towards protected classes, such as disabled people, has a system for disabled parking that is flawed, unfair, and largely unenforced. There are different kinds of permits, but I’m going to focus on the common, renewable parking permit that is obtainable with a doctor’s signature, […]

The First to Go (Revised)

Selling coffee is an awful excuse for blocking disabled parking.

It’s Their World Too

As a skills trainer and behavior support specialist for developmentally disabled adults, I often find myself in the community and in the company of people whose behavior is often outside the realm of what other people find comfortable. In many situations, the reactions of my customers are often overstated by social norms and draw the […]

Sitting Bull

I used to think that some kind of seat was better than none at all. I’ve changed my mind.

Miles Wise, Hours Foolish

The implementation of the new policies based on this ridiculous question will require me to justify why I drove somewhere instead of taking the buses. To me, it’s upside-down. Given the above facts, I should be required to justify why I wasted valuable skills-training time by taking the buses.

Home of the $12.99 Soda

As we waited in a long line to the front, I asked the person directing traffic if there were spots reserved for disabled people. She didn’t know. I asked the person taking my money. He didn’t know. I asked the person along the route to the parking area. He didn’t know.

California Travel Advice

If you are disabled and rely on a parking permit or placard in your state, I have some advice for you on traveling to California. Simply stated, it is: Don’t go! Well, that’s probably a little harsh, but I’m a little annoyed right now. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike

Milo McIver State Park Campground

Milo McIver State Park in Oregon is a popular recreation area near the town of Estacada. The park lies along a sizeable stretch of the Clackamas River and is one of the most beautiful parks you’ll ever see. More than merely beautiful, there are diverse things to do and enjoy at the park. It boasts […]

L. L. “Stub” Stewart State Park

What most people outside of Oregon think when they think of Oregon is lush green evergreen forests filled with bears, cougars, and old recluses living in log cabins. It’s partially true. Oregon geography is a lot more diverse than that.┬áDisabled people who want a taste of the beauty without some┬áthe barriers should come to L. […]