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Applause for Regal Cinemas!

By barb

I have been skills training for more than six years, and know how difficult it is for my disabled friends and customers to access the movie theatres on their own: balance, low lighting, cognitive, and other issues.  They have the same desires as the rest of us to see their favorite movies!

Regal Cinemas have gone the extra mile to accommodate not only the physically disabled by providing wheelchair spaces and also a reserved chair next to them for the care provider, but also invite the developmentally delayed  to their theaters, by granting their necessary escorts free admission.

This, in my opinion, demonstrates not only the sensitivity of Regal’s administration to the needs of their customers, but their basic common sense.  Many of my customers would not, could not, be Regal’s customers if  not for their admirable policy recognizing the care provider as facilitating the details of their visit!

Applause to Regal Cinemas from your loyal and appreciative customers!

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  1. Rex Goode said:

    Sometimes I find that the individuals that sell the tickets are not aware of this policy. A couple of times I’ve had to ask them to ask the manager.

    I also appreciate Regal Cinemas for this helpful and progressive policy.

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